How Can We Compete With Overseas Labor Rates?

  • Dept of Labor minimum wage guidelines allows the dollar value of the amenities that we provide to be credited towards our employees’ salary so that the actual check that we write them allows us to compete with labor rates overseas that have heretofore made it too cost prohibitive to have your products ‘Made in America’. 

What Are The Other Advantages To Manufacturing Domestically?

  • We are located in the United States with strategic access to all interstate highways, freight terminals, railways, airports and seaports. We can manage ‘just in time’ delivery of parts and products anywhere in the U.S. with minimal intervention, investment and expense as compared to outsourcing overseas. We facilitate and expedite ‘on demand’ inventory replenishment in lieu of tying up 4-6 weeks of product just in shipping from abroad. 
  • You can maintain a higher degree of control over your product and processes. Protection of intellectual property is accomplished much easier as international patent, trademark and copyright laws will come under the jurisdiction of the United States court system, eliminating the concern of finding your product ‘pirated’ in international markets. 
  • Manufacturing domestically eliminates foreign country political risks that are associated with administration or regime changes, as well as currency fluctuations. JOB Manufacturing is subject to U.S. laws and regulations which change little as administrations change. 

How Does This Help The Economy?

  • In search of a better opportunity, our employees transition back into the mainstream workforce as more robust consumers. In addition, supporting infrastructure necessary in the manufacturing industry such as logistics, warehousing and distribution will be developed by entrepreneurs and the employees they will hire in support of manufacturing products for over 300 million consumers in the U.S. as well as millions of potential customers abroad. Lastly, hundreds of billions of dollars per year that is paid out in Public Assistance to subsidize the populations we hire can be saved by Local, State and Federal governments as our people become self sufficient in their respective vocations upon transitioning out of our facility.

Is This A Form Of Exploitation?

  • Our facility could be considered a Manufacturing TRANSITION Complex as we strive to give people an opportunity to exchange an 8-hour workday, 5 days-a-week, towards the betterment of their existing life circumstances. We are a self-sustaining, viable, business entity just like any other manufacturing plant in America, except we provide the aforementioned amenities in addition to facilitating all educational and training that our employees need in their transition out into the workforce. We are merely a conduit that gets them from Point A to Point B. Our business model is no different than China or other countries who utilize millions of their citizens seeking opportunities that they couldn’t find elsewhere, with one exception; we encourage and facilitate our employees to regroup and transition out, which is OUR primary objective.